17 Flat Nightclub Conversion Tameside Manchester

We are proud to announce that we have just received planning permission for the conversion of a former night club into 17 flats in Tameside Manchester. 

The building was originally constructed as a gentlemans club and until 14 years ago was Universal Nightclub.

Initially we undertook a feasibility study to find out how many flats could be attained. The developer then calculated whether the scheme would be viable for them. We then followed this up with a pre-application enquiry with Tameside. The council did want some alterations, however as the building had been vacant for so long the council was keen to put it back into use. 

As part of our design process we researched the Gentlemen’s clubs in the early 20th century. The building has many architectural features,focused on retaining and enhancing. Our research led us to add additional feature windows to the upper floors in a way that would not detract from the original architectural vision of the building. 

Fortunately we were able to negotiate permission for 17 flats and this was enough for the developer to make it financially worth doing. The developer is now working on the site and is looking to have the flats converted by 2025.

The proposed application can be seen on tamesside’s planning search under the following application number 22/00692/FUL.