Feasibility Studies and Pre-application Advice

It is almost always advisable to carry out a feasibility study. In fact, the start of your own thought process is the start of that study. Questions like: Is there enough room for six bedrooms? Am I likely to get planning permission? Will the type of material I want to use give me the results I need? During our first site visit we’ll talk to you about any obvious concerns we have regarding the feasibility of the project.

Given that a lot of these queries will relate to planning, a feasibility study will often also include obtaining pre-application advice from your local Council. This can be done formally or informally. It is often cost-effective to see what can and can’t be achieved as early as possible. Depending on the nature of the project it may be a better idea to simply submit a planning application (full or outline) even if it is likely to be refused, as the feedback in the refusal notice is often more helpful than pre-application advice.

All preliminary issues which can or will affect the likelihood of the planned project going ahead should be dealt with by this process. If the results are positive, we move to the next stage. If there are negatives we will work with you to amend your plans to something which is more realistic given the budgetary, planning, or other issues that have been outlined in the feasibility study.
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