New Build Design Services

For a truly bespoke home we can help you plan and design your own new build. We will guide and assist you throughout the following stages:

Get pre-application advice to find out if your home can be built on the plot you have chosen

It’s vital you check first that you are allowed to build on the plot you have earmarked for your new build as there may be restrictions. For instance you are unlikely to be allowed to build on Green Belt land. The only exception to this rule is if you are knocking down a existing property and replacing it with a new one. Even then, the new build must be within keeping with what used to be there. For instance you can’t knock down a small bungalow and replace it with multi-bedroom mansion.

We will help you put together your pre-application advice and submit it to the local Council. We will prepare initial plans and layout and submit these alongside the necessary paperwork.

What’s the maximum you can get out of the site?

We advise you start from this point and adapt your design to suit your costings and any restrictions. You need to consider a number of questions at this stage:

  • How big can your new build be?
  • Where does parking need to go?
  • How high can the roof be?
  • How high can the eaves be?
  • What direction can your windows face?
  • Are there any materials in the area that need to feature in the build?
  • Have any levels been identified through the site analysis?

This is not an exhaustive list but it gives you some idea of the many variables you need to consider before you start a new build project. We are more than happy to go through all these and more with you.

Design and Development

At this stage we will discuss ideas with you and produce a 3D visualisation of your new build. It’s important for us to get to know you, your lifestyle and how you want to live in your new build. For instance are you someone who likes to entertain a lot? Will you be working from home? How many people do you envisage living at the property? This helps us make sure the designs we put together for you are truly bespoke to your needs and aspirations.

Submit a Planning Application

We will put together a Design and Access Statement for you. This justifies your design to the local Council. You may also need a Heritage Statement if you are building in a conservation area. The local Council has up to eight weeks to respond to the planning application (although it can take longer depending on the complexity of the project).

Building Regulations Approval

Once planning permission has been granted you will need to gain Building Regulations Approval. With new build houses you will need to demonstrate that you are hitting certain efficiencies for the floor area. We usually instruct a specialist to do a Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) Calculation which compares the energy and environmental performance of the property (heating and energy use).

At this stage it is also important to consider what type of construction method is going to be used to build the house. Will it be a traditional build? A timber framed building? Insulated concrete frame? Some builds lend themselves naturally to a particular type of build. Speak to us about the benefits of each before you make a decision.

As well as energy and environmental concerns you will also need to consider the health and safety aspects of your new home: fire escapes for instance. Again, this is something we will bring to your attention.

Before your design is finalised we will discuss any planning conditions with you and adapt the design accordingly.

Once our work is complete we will pass all the designs over to you so you can begin the build. We strongly advise you obtain a Building Warranty from an organisation such as the NHBC (or other independent warranty specialist organisation). There are several advantages to this, not least it helps with mortgage applications and gives new owners peace of mind if you decide to sell.

If you are considering a new build house, contact us to find out how we can provide you with practical support and advice.

Example of Graham Lea Architecture’s New Build Design Service

Traditional new build six bedroom house, Longridge, near Preston