Listed Building Consent

Listed Building Control is designed to protect buildings that are considered too important to the country’s history, architectural and cultural heritage to be demolished, altered or extended in any way without written consent from local planning authorities (and in some cases also from national organisations like Historic England).

Pre-application advice is essential

Making any sort of alteration to any part of a listed building (both interior and exterior are protected as properties are listed in their entirety), without this consent is a criminal offence. Therefore, we strongly advise anyone in this situation to take pre-application advice from the local authority before embarking on a project that involves a listed building. This is something we can advise and help you with.

It’s important to note that Listed Building Consent does not replace Planning Permission – it is in addition to it.

The register of listed buildings in England is called the List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest and it can be found on Historic England’s website.