Permitted Development Approval

We have just received a Certificate of Lawful Development confirming that our project fits within Permitted Development. This time it is for a porch and rear extension to a house in Blackpool.

A Certificate of Lawful Development is a document issued by the council confirming that the works are lawful and do not require planning permission.

The permitted Development rules allow you develop your property without some of the restrictions of planning permission and applies to both commercial and domestic properties.

Commercial permitted Development includes  among other things : the conversion of offices to dwellings, changes of use between certain use classes, and the change of use from agricultural barns to dwellings.

Householder Permitted Development includes the erection of porches, extensions and loft conversions. Details of what is allowable for domsetic households can be found at

We have recently worked on the following Permitted Developments

Office – Dwelling Conversion

Barn – 3 dwelling Conversion

House Holder Loft conversion

House Holder Porch Extension

House Holder Side Extension

House Holder Rear Extension

House Holder Rear 6m Extension (Larger extension)

If you want advise on a project which is Permitted Development, call us for a free consultation.