Single Storey Extension – Preston

  • Single Storey Extension
    Single Storey Extension
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  • Open Plan Kitchen
  • bi-fold Doors open on to garden
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  • Single Storey Extension

The project

Our client’s property is a three bedroom semi-detached property built in the 1930s which he wanted to extend and completely refurbish to create a more contemporary open-plan living space.

How we worked

We began by gaining planning permission for the extension. It was at this point it came to light that the property was on the boundary of a flood zone. Although the property was quite some distance from a river and a flood was unlikely, we were required to prepare a basic flood risk report.

In the unlikely event of a flood we had to build in measures that minimised the risk of damage to the property. These included:

  • Ensuring the extension was not built any lower than the existing building
  • Installing a solid floor rather than a cavity one
  • No bedrooms on the ground floor
  • Tile the floor of the extension
  • Ensure the walls were painted not papered
  • Wire electrics from above not below
  • Ensure sockets were sited 500ml above floor level

As the client wanted to retain the existing garage it was necessary to design an L-shaped extension that still kept an open aspect to the garden. Consequently we came up with a design that created different heights of eves.

Project success

Our client now has the contemporary, open-plan living space he wanted. The addition of bi-folding patio doors has extended the living space to the garden area. Now the whole family can enjoy year round warmth and what used to be space that was redundant for half the year is now fully utilised.

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