Build the home of your dreams, without leaving the house!

As Covid-19 further tightens its grip on our daily lives and self isolation drives us all insane, you would be forgiven for thinking that this was not the time to be allowing an architect into your home, sitting through design meetings and starting work on your next big project. That being said, after being cooped up in a too-small house for weeks on end …might now be the time to expand? With remote working you could do it all from the safety of your own home without coming into contact with a single person. Let me explain how this can be achieved in just two easy steps.

Step one Conduct your own survey.

The normal practice at the start of any project would be an initial visit and survey requiring prolonged contact with one of our team and access to your full property. This can be avoided by guiding the client through a self-survey.

‘But I don’t have any equipment?’

All that is required to conduct a survey yourself is a pen, paper, 1-2 hours and a digital laser measure which can be picked up on amazon for less than £25 (alot less than the cost of a survey!)

Once you are ready to proceed a trained professional from our team will invite you to engage in a video phone call (or a normal phone call if you’re too comfy to change out of your pyjamas). From there we will have an in-depth chat about the project, your design aspirations and your requirements and put together a project brief. We will then guide you step-by-step through the self-survey process (it’s easy I promise). With current technology we can also view your house online and even sometimes pull existing plans from rightmove or previous planning applications!

Step two Let us take over

Once we have a survey and a design brief it’s up and away, the rest of your project can be handled by ourselves all the way from drawing up what’s there now to submitting your council application and handing over to a builder. Trust us, we got this, we’re professionals.

We will keep you updated throughout the project via the magic of the internet, sharing our proposals and inviting you to comment and make changes until together we come up with your perfect design for your dream home. We have lots of experience with councils all across Lancashire and the North west and have submitted over 300 successful applications, getting you planning permission is all part of the process. Once everyones happy we can put you in contact with trusted builders and provide detailed construction drawings allowing them to quote you for the work and get your new project booked in all without any physical interaction, keeping you and your family safe.

And boom, you’re on your way to building the house of your dreams, all without leaving the house!

If you want to talk to us about getting your project started please give us a call on 01772 463627 and we will be more than happy to help.

From all of us at Graham Lea Architecture we would like to wish you and your families all the best in this difficult time.



– John Lewis (BSc) – Architectural Assistant