Planning Permission for Disabled Adaptation

Planning Permission for Disabled Adaptation

When developing a property the first questions to ask are do the works need Planning Permission and are they likely to get Planning Permission. Although some alterations to domestic homes don’t require Planning Permission and can be done under Permitted Development, there are many alterations for disabled adaptation that do.

Should a development require Planning Permission then the first step is to assess if it is likely to get Planning Permission. There are many factors that can affect whether a planning application is likely to be approved most of these relate to the effect that the development will have on the surrounding area. In addition areas in greenbelt can be particularly trick to get planning permission, as councils have strict policies to restrict over development of the countryside.

Planning Applications for Disabled Adaptation
Every Council should have a Local plan which set out on what basis they are going to determine each Planning Application. Within each council’s Local plan they should aim to provide inclusive and mixed communities. This should address housing need for people with disabilities. In addition under the Equality Act councils have obligations to not discriminate. Many councils do have policies to give preference to works for disabilities.

When put into practice a Planning Application is more likely to be approved when it is for disabled adaptations. We have have seen Planning Applications approved where many have not. Planning Applications may include for the additional: Accommodation for Carers, Hydrotherapy Pools, Accessible Kitchens, Adapted Bathrooms, ground floor accommodation.

If you have a disability and require additional accommodation, or adaptation of your property. Why not give us a call and let one of our experts guide you through the process.