Re launch of Pre-Application Planning Advice from 3rd April 2017

Following on from their decision over two years ago to stop the pre-application planning advice service Preston City Council have informed us that from 3rd April this year the service will be resumed.

This will allow anyone wishing to undertake minor developments to seek advice prior to applying for planning permission to ascertain beforehand whether their application is likely to be successful.

Minor developments cover such areas as:-

  • extensions and alterations to a house;
  • advertisements;
  • telecommunications;
  • agricultural development;
  • extensions and alterations to listed buildings;
  • 1-9 dwellings;
  • developments of less than 1,000sqm floorspace or on sites of less than 1 hectare. For example retail, commercial, industrial, leisure, education, recreation and car parking.

A planning officer of the council will consider your proposal and, with advice from relevant consultees if necessary, provide you with an indication of whether your proposal is likely to receive planning permission.

The planning officer will also advise you if further information is required to support any future planning applications that you may submit.

This service is available from other councils but is set to make a welcome return to Preston next month.

If you would like any help in preparing a pre-application request for Preston or indeed any other council then please get in touch.

Further information can be found by visiting the Preston City Council website by following the link below.