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Consultation launched on new planning proposals

Proposed changes to the planning application process will encourage councils to compete with one another, and will also allow them to offer fast track application services.

We welcome changes in the planning system. In our experience the planning system is slower now than it was pre-email!

The new proposals, which have been put out to consultation today, will give applicants the choice of whether to submit their plans to the local council, a competing council or a government approved organisation to process.

Read more on the governments webpage:

Permitted Development Approval

We have just received a Certificate of Lawful Development confirming that our project fits within Permitted Development. This time it is for a porch and rear extension to a house in Blackpool.

A Certificate of Lawful Development is a document issued by the council confirming that the works are lawful and do not require planning permission.

The permitted Development rules allow you develop your property without some of the restrictions of planning permission and applies to both commercial and domestic properties.

Commercial permitted Development includes  among other things : the conversion of offices to dwellings, changes of use between certain use classes, and the change of use from agricultural barns to dwellings.

Householder Permitted Development includes the erection of porches, extensions and loft conversions. Details of what is allowable for domsetic households can be found at

We have recently worked on the following Permitted Developments

Office – Dwelling Conversion

Barn – 3 dwelling Conversion

House Holder Loft conversion

House Holder Porch Extension

House Holder Side Extension

House Holder Rear Extension

House Holder Rear 6m Extension (Larger extension)

If you want advise on a project which is Permitted Development, call us for a free consultation.

Larger Home Extensions: Neighbour Consultation Scheme

Graham Lea has just obtained permission for an extension in Bolton under the Neighbour Consultation Scheme.

The Neighbour Consultation Scheme means that you can build  a larger single storey extension with out the requirement of planning permission. The scheme means you can have extensions from 4 metres to 8 metres for detached houses, and from 3 metres to 6 metres for all other houses, where previously you would have not have even been able to get Planning Permission .

If you are looking for a house extension why not give us a call?




Work Experience – 2015

We are looking for someone to come and gain some valuable experience at our City Centre Office.

The candidate should have be studying/ have studied Architecture or Architectural Technology, have good CAD knowledge and have a high attention to detail.

If you, or anyone you know is interested in developing skills and gaining valuable experience please e-mail us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Permitted Development Rights have been extended till 2019

As of 15th April 2015 the following Permitted development rights have been extended.

Temporary, for 3 years, permitted development right to allow up to 500sqm of storage and distribution buildings to change to residential. Additional requirements are that the building must have been in B8 use for 4 years and in use or last used as B8 on or before 19 March 2014;

Extension, for a further 3 years, of the existing permitted development right for larger householder rear extensions (now available until 30 May 2019);

Betting shops and pay day loan shops removed from A2 and become sui generis. Premises that have previously changed to betting shop or pay day loan shop under Class D temporary permitted development right retain their original use class and will revert to that at the end of the temporary two year period;

Permitted development for retailers to erect click and collect facilities within curtilage of existing premises. Only one is permitted per retail premises and is limited to 4m high and gross floor space of 20sqm;

Permitted development for the temporary filming for commercial film making inside existing buildings and outside on sites of up to 1.5 hectares. The right is limited for 9 months in any 27 month rolling period.

A point worthy of note is that the temporary permitted development rights from office to residential will still expire and the end of May 2016

Graham Lea Architecture Secures Planning Permission

We have just received planning permission for a contemporary single storey extension. The proposed works will involve the construction of a a large cantilevered roof over an outdoor sitting area. Bi-fold doors and the floating roof will provide excellent views from the kitchen to the large garden.
GL60 ArranSt0026

GL60 ArranSt0029

GL60 Arran, St

GL60 ArranSt0022

GL60 ArranSt0019

Graham Lea to Work on Architects House

Graham Lea Architecture have been appointed to work on 1955 architects house. The house was designed by and built for architect William Harwood.

The current owners are looking to add another storey to the building. This will make the building more in fitting with the surrounding area (which was developed after the architects house was built).

“We are quite excited about working on this house and we are looking forward to building on what was a great design for the time”IMG_9020